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OS Image Installation

This will create an SD card that will boot a Raspberry Pi and launch Photonic3D.


  1. Download the Raspberry Pi System Image from “
  2. Unzip the file you just downloaded
  3. Follow the standard Raspberry Pi instructions for creating a bootable SD card from the image you just unzipped
  4. Network Configuration
    1. Wired Ethernet - IP via DHCP
      1. No configuration necessary
    2. Wifi or Static IP Wired Ethernet
      1. On the SD card, edit the file `octopi-network.txt`
      2. Uncomment the section that describes your wifi or static IP configuration and fill in the correct settings and credentials
  5. Unmount your SD card from your computer and insert it into your Raspberry Pi
  6. Power on the pi and if everything went fine it will boot! The first boot may take some time (15-30 minutes) due to some one-time setup operations (filesystem expansion, network configuration).

The hostname of your system will be photonic3d.local. If your local DHCP server maps client names to local DNS or if you have mDNS (bonjour) name resolution on your computer, you will be able to reach your installation at http://photonic3d.local:9091 in a browser.