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GCode Template Examples:

For “Shutter” gcode:

  1. This gcode will turn on(speed=255) the fan control when the shutter is designed to be open, and turn off(speed=0) when the fan is designed to be off)
<#if shutterOpen>
M106 S255
M106 S0

For “Pre-slice” gcode:

  1. This gcode will enable the stepper motors and then wait an amount of time based upon several factors(bulb hours on the projector, the current slice and the total lighted area currently being projected). Please take note that the formula below is totally valid, but makes no practical sense.
M17;<delay> ${1000 * CURSLICE + 2.5 + bulbHours * buildAreaMM}
  1. It's possible that your printer may have the ability to take high level commands that require you to send complex data to the printer. For example, perhaps your printer has the ability to track it's print completion progress(via a percentage) if you have given it the total height of your object. Let's also assume that 'gcode' command is called ```D44```.
D44 ${LayerThickness * job.getTotalSlices()}