If there is a database of something publicly available, the SEO must figure out how to use it in their work. Especially when it comes to the largest repository of copies of sites. But first we'll figure it out: What is Web Archive and how is it useful? Web Archive is a non-profit organization founded by Brewster Cale in 1996 in San Francisco. It collects copies of web pages, Crack graphics, video, audio and software, providing long-term archiving and free access to data. Saved material became truly accessible to the public in 2001 when Wayback Machine was launched.

yoast.comThe content of the sites is periodically recorded using a web archive bot. Users can also manually specify a page address to create a copy. The service allows tracking the history of changes in any resource. For example, you can find the reasons for any deviations in analytics, traffic or behavioral indicators of the site. That is, you can check the meta tags, Purchase Code texts, Elementor Pro v.3.0.4 + Elementor Free v.3.0.7 WooCommerce Bulk Variations (By Barn2 Media) v. Nulled order button location and so on. You can see the old version of the design of your site or copy the design of any “dead” site.

Also with dead resources borrow content that can be ranked well. Many online archive only so and use. And so often that the uploaded texts must be checked for uniqueness. And also Web Archive will be almost the only way to restore the site, if you did not make a backup. However, in search engine optimization of online stores, we use the Web Archive for Torrent another purpose - to restore URLs of categories and other important pages. The fact that the owners of sites or managers who fill the directory online Furniture Store OpenCart Template Nulled, do not monitor the change of addresses of the main pages of the site.

As a result, they fly out of the index of search engines, lose accumulated trust and reference weight. How to restore the addresses of pages using Web Archive You should clear all links from web.