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The general idea is that you can use this program to dig deep into the slicing algorithm and determine why a certain aspect of your STL file isn't being sliced properly. If you don't like how the algorithm slices your model, this program will allow you understand why and help change that. Once you've identified the part of the algorithm that is causing the problem, it's usually pretty easy to fix the bug or feature.

How do I start it?

On Linux: `java -cp lib/*:. org.area515.resinprinter.slice.SliceBrowser`

On Windows: `java -cp lib/*;. org.area515.resinprinter.slice.SliceBrowser`

On Windows you can also double click on: `slicebrowser.bat`


  1. Click on the slice model to show all triangles that intersect that slice printed to sysout.
  2. Click the 'Alpha Colorize' button to create the open/closed loops and are placed in the 'Image Root' tree to the right.
  3. Move the mouse around the model to show the x, y coordinates from the figure.
  4. Inspect the start(orange) stop(cyan) line segment normals for each intersection.
  5. Inspect how different parts of the of algorithm work together through use of the red and green area transparencies.
  6. Perform a 'Quick Render' by scrolling the scroll bar up and down to the preferred z slice.
  7. Click the 'Render' button to show the entire slice with the integrated Projector Mask on the print area surface designated by the block outlined rectangle.
  8. Select multiple triangle intersections in 'Image Root' tree to determine how the algorithm found the intersections and it will highlight those line segments in the slice model in blue.
  9. Inversely, you can also click on the image and the related triangle intersection rows will be highlighted in the 'Image Root' tree.
  10. Open a new STL file by typing it in the text box below, and click the load button.
  11. Click the 'Projector Mask Creator' tab to create a custom projector mask.
  12. Use the slider bars on the right and left to balance the projector light coverage and intensity
  13. Single click to change the center of the projector bulb.
  14. Click and drag to change the focal point of the projector bulb.
  15. Click the 'Image Detector' to tune shape detection parameters.